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Regala la lingua inglese! Regala un Christmas Box da English Club. Completamente personalizzabile, possiamo preparare un regalo su misura. Ogni Christmas Box include: Un corso d’inglese con un insegnante madrelingua (numero di ore a scelta). Un colloquio con l’eventuale studente per stabilire il livello d’inglese e parlare insieme del perscorso linguistico.  Un libro d’inglese L’iscrizione annuale a English Club e l’accesso alla nostra collezione di film e libri in inglese.

Summer Days

SUMMER DAYS Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno partecipato quest’anno ai Summer Days! Abbiamo trascorso dei giorni stupendi durante il nostro centro estivo in inglese, giocando ed imparando all’ aperto con attività di cultura, teatro, sport tradizionali e molto altro… tutto in inglese! Alcuni commenti dei genitori: “Campus estivo di inglese molto divertente con insegnati qualificati!” “Grazie mille! Aver conosciuto la vostra scuola è stata una bellissima scoperta” Contattaci per… Read More »Summer Days

Nuova Apertura! English Club Scuola di Inglese a Senigallia!

Nuova Apertura! English Club Senigallia!   English Club, inaugurazione della scuola di inglese a Senigallia! Sabato 21 Settembre, alle 17.00, è stata inaugurata la nuova sede di English Club, scuola di inglese a Senigallia in via Feltrini 51. Taglio del nastro con il sindaco Maurizio Mangialardi. Con lo staff di English Club, si sono riuniti ospiti, amici e studenti per festeggiare un giorno importante per la crescita della scuola. English… Read More »Nuova Apertura! English Club Scuola di Inglese a Senigallia!

British Christmas Traditions

British Christmas Traditions By Andrew     British Christmas Traditions Stuffed turkeys, stuffed Christmas jumpers, stuffed stockings, and just knocking the stuffing out of it! How do the Brits celebrate Christmas? From having your eardrums mercilessly beaten by merry festive numbers to a friendly extra-terrestrial, we’ll give you all the key info you need to know about British Christmas traditions…     So let’s get this festive shin-dig started! Here’s… Read More »British Christmas Traditions

Improve English Vocabulary

Improve English Vocabulary in Movember! By Andrew   How to improve English vocabulary? Learn about a new topic! So what exactly is Movember?   November is now Movember in Britain and many other parts of the world and that M means moustache! So let’s get up to speed with the facial hair festivities and help you flaunt your top lip in style! Movember is an annual event involving the growing… Read More »Improve English Vocabulary

Branding Mistakes

Beware! Bad Branding Abroad By Andrew Horror stories of branding mistakes made by some of the world’s biggest companies Marketing your company or products in another country can be a minefield, fraught with cultural nuances, linguistic connotations and differing social contexts. It can take a great mind or a huge stroke of luck to create a successful advertising campaign. However, a terrible translation or some culturally inappropriate content can be… Read More »Branding Mistakes

When To Use The In English

When To Use The In English A Rock ‘N’ Roll Guide To Grammar! By Andrew   When to Use “The” in English. A Rock “n” Roll Guide to Grammar! English Club’s guide to grammar: When to use “the” in English Foreign users of English are not alone in their overuse of the English language’s specifying article, rock bands have been known to like it too. See the clip below of… Read More »When To Use The In English

When To Use A Comma

When To Use A Comma By Andrew   The comma is one of the most frequently misused punctuation marks and the well-meaning advice to use a comma wherever you would pause in speech just doesn’t cut the mustard. However, fear not punctuation pupils because the comma is really quite simple to use. It has four clear, well-defined uses which we will explain one by one in this blog. They are: The Listing… Read More »When To Use A Comma

Make An Impact: English Business Writing

Leggi questo articolo in italiano qui… English Business Writing and Translation Give your business a presence online… Make an impact with our English Business Writing and Translation Services and reach out to the 840 million English speakers worldwide!   Professional, versatile, available now… Inspire trust and respect in your clients and partners abroad by taking advantage of our dedicated English business writing services. We are available to work hand-in-hand with… Read More »Make An Impact: English Business Writing

Wales And The Welsh

Wales And The Welsh By Andrew   Capital City: Cardiff          Population: 3,092,036          National Day: Saint David’s Day (1st March)   Language Croeso i Cymru! Siarad Cymraeg. Rydw yn hoffi rygbi a chanu. Dydw yn ddim yn hoffi Lloegr.   What!? That’s not English! Exactly, it’s Welsh and along with English it is the official language of Wales. The Welsh language is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity and it is reported that… Read More »Wales And The Welsh